Close up Magic

For any event in which you require close up magic entertainment.

I’ve been entertaining with close up/table magic for a long time and enjoy watching people of all ages enjoy it too.

If you would like any information as to whether this maybe suitable for your event give me a ring and have a chat.

Private parties: Circulating among your guests, magic is guaranteed to raise the party spirit high; an original addition to your birthday, wedding, anniversary or other special occasion that will help make it memorable.

Magic is being re-invented all the time. The materials of close-up are now anything from cards to kiwis, and the use of ‘found objects’ – supplied by guests themselves from their bags or pockets – has added a thrilling sense of spontaneity to the repertoire.

Restaurants and hotels: successful table-hopping is an art in itself. Knowing how and when to approach customers is the difference between them feeling indulged or intruded on. Offering just enough of the right kind of magic: intimate; amusing, can keep them guessing long after they’ve paid the bill; and keep them coming back.