Inside the Magic

The suitcase is packed with tricks and surprises that will baffle, delight and intrigue.

Martin the York Magician's magic suitcaseEverything I put in is selected to be age-appealing and appropriate for the event and venue. There’s always a good mix of materials, with plenty of colour and movement and the show’s tone is constantly varied to hold attention from start to finish. I always begin by making something appear or vanish. Conjuring is the most spectacular form of magic, and instantly the show takes off. I have now demonstrated what a powerful magician I am! The routines that follow range from eye-popping illusions such as levitation, to ‘tricks from the top hat’, to silly magic that the children can just relax and laugh along with.

Juggling and plate-spinning are included for extra visual impact, but although there’s lots going on, the show moves smoothly and at a pace set by the children’s responsiveness. I build in lots of interactive moments and the birthday child always has an opportunity to out-perform me; and is always successful!

Effective management of the group, whatever its size, is essential. Everyone’s enjoyment matters and each child must be able to feel fully involved for a sense of drama and expectancy to evolve and be maintained.

Last but not least, balloons.  Because it is a party!

Balloons can be twisted to make all kinds of fantastic creations: animals, flowers, swords; even bikes! At the end of parties for younger children every guest receives a balloon animal while the birthday boy or girl gets a special balloon creation. I bring most ready made, for reasons of time, but always do a couple of demos because children are fascinated to see a creature or object taking shape ‘before their very eyes’.

There’s no trick to providing first-class entertainment for children: it takes experience and commitment.