Juggling Workshops

juggling ballsJuggling is exhilarating and absorbing. Although, as with any skill, practice is needed to develop competence, its basics are easily learned, giving the rapid sense of accomplishment so necessary for engagement and perseverance.

My workshops, where the focus is on fun, are suitable for groups of up to 15 children/teenagers aged eight years and over. The sessions are one hour long and all equipment – scarves, balls, rings, diablos and plates for spinning – is provided for the duration. Every participant will be enabled to experience enough success to encourage further practice. Within the group a mixed level of ability is fine: absolute beginners can learn alongside improvers.


As well as the sheer joy of it, juggling offers some serious benefits:

* Increased body-awareness and coordination
* Development of unforced concentration (flow)
* Opportunities for socialising : juggling with others is both playful and skilful
* Confidence-building: there are always new challenges but learners go at their own pace, consolidating achievements before moving on

When so much time is spent in the virtual world, juggling offers a new encounter with the physical environment.

The workshops can be booked as stand-alone activities or following a magic show.